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If you are suffering from obesity or weight problems, you may consider Weight Loss Surgery in Cancun, Mexico as one of the most viable options. Thousands of US and Canadian patients are traveling to Mexico every year to receive state of the art procedures such as bariatric surgery in Cancun.

Cancun is not just one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations today, but it has also emerged as one of top centers for medical tourism in Mexico. Bariatric surgeons in Cancun are highly qualified and experienced, and some of the best surgeons have a track record of having successfully performed at least three to four thousand weight loss surgeries.

These surgeons stay continually updated with the latest techniques and technology, and are involved in research as well as mentoring of other US and Mexican medical professionals.

Is it Safe to Choose Weight Loss Surgery in Cancun?

If you work with a reliable US medical tourism facilitator like Jet Medical Tourism with expertise in the Mexico market, who can help you choose among the best weight loss surgeons in Cancun, you are putting yourself in caring hands. Stay well-informed, ask pertinent questions, and clear all your doubts and concerns with your facilitator.

This will help you plan right for this medical travelling trip.

Depending on your budget, you can choose among the best Cancun hospitals and Cancun clinics specializing in bariatric surgery procedures.

Hospitals that are accredited either by the Joint Commission International (JCI), which is the most respected US accreditation agency, or the national Mexican accreditation agency CSG, could be your best options.

Even if you want to select a hospital or clinic that lacks certification from CSG or JCI for your low cost weight loss surgery in Cancun, an experienced medical tourism facilitator can help ensure that you choose a facility with the highest medical standards.

For affordable surgery, bariatric clinics outside the hospital setting are also common in Cancun. However, the advantage with Cancun hospitals is that they will be equipped with an intensive care unit, an emergency room, a pharmacy, and would have a team of doctors specializing in different fields of medicine.

Therefore, if you suffer from other complications besides obesity or overweight (such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems), a hospital might be a better choice for you.

Why Choose Cancun as Your Bariatric Surgery Destination?

Cancun has developed a robust infrastructure of hospitals and clinics equipped with the latest surgical technologies.

These medical facilities are headed by some of the best weight loss surgeons in Cancun. As a result, the success rate of bariatric procedures in the region is as high as that in the US. In addition, the patient survival rate is virtually 100 percent.

For people living in the US or Canada, Cancun is easy to get to and the travel costs are low. Among various destinations within Mexico, Cancun ranks as the topmost “vacation city” offering a salubrious climate, natural beauty, and spectacular beaches.

The relaxing environment serves to ease the patient’s stress and anxiety, and helps promote a faster post-surgical recovery.

Whether patients choose advanced procedures such as gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery in Cancun, or other relatively simpler weight loss procedures, the hospitals and clinics in the city are fully equipped to perform them.

The cost of weight loss surgery in Cancun, Mexico is typically much lower than what it would cost in the US or Canada.

Safe surgery and affordable costs in Cancun have become a strong motivating factor for uninsured, under-insured, and other patients in the US and Canada whose healthcare plans may not offer coverage for bariatric surgery. Most plans don’t.

Many people that choose to go to Mexico for these types of surgery have stellar health insurance plans in America.

Privacy and confidentiality is assured to every medical tourist in Cancun. For instance, they can choose to have their procedure performed discreetly if they want. It’s the patient’s predilection. This is just another example of how impressive the service can be.

Weight Loss Surgery in Cancun – Cost Comparison with the US and Canada

Bariatric Surgery Cancun United States Canada
Sleeve Gastrectomy $5,500 $17,000 $17,000
Gastric Bypass $7,000 $25,000 $20,000
Gastric Balloon $3,500 $10,000 $11,000
Duodenal Switch $8,000 $30,000 $30,000


Paying for Weight Loss Surgery in Cancun, Mexico

American and Canadian patients who choose medical tourism in Cancun can conveniently make payments through cash (USD), cashier’s check, all major debit and credit cards, bank transfers, wire transfers, and even PayPal.

Financing for bariatric surgery and cosmetic surgery in Cancun is easily obtainable if you do not wish to pay upfront for the costs of your procedure.

Cost packages for surgical procedures in Cancun typically include:

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Hospital fees
  • Hospital stay (usually one-night stay)
  • Lab tests and blood work (both pre- and post-operative)
  • Nutritionist program
  • Prescription medications (usually for one week)
  • Hotel stay
  • Stay for the accompanying guest
  • Patient-friendly hotel meals
  • Phone calls and Wi-Fi
  • Ground transfers
  • Online support

Reasons for the Low Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Cancun

Unfortunately, some people have a misconception that lower costs are equivalent to lower quality medical services.

However, the reality is that Mexico and the US are two different economies, and nearly everything in Mexico (including medical services) costs cheaper than it does in the US. This has no correlation with the quality of care.

Here are some of the key reasons why weight loss surgery in Cancun costs at least 70 percent lower on average than in the US.

  • Costs of bariatric surgery in the US are prohibitively expensive, even when compared to other wealthy nations of the world. Healthcare, in general, is costlier in the US by far than almost any other country. This does not mean that the rest of the world does not offer quality and reliable medical care.
  • The best bariatric surgeons in Cancun would charge a substantially lower fee than even an average surgeon or a less qualified and less experience surgeon in the US. That is simply because the cost of living in Cancun is much lower than almost anywhere in the US even on the amazing coastline.
  • The costs of anesthesia services, lab work and diagnostics, prescription medications, and wages of nurses and other medical assistants, and other administrative costs are much lower in Cancun.
  • The costs of surgical equipment and medical supplies are much lower in Cancun, even when many of these advanced products are often imported from the US itself. In other words, the manufacturers charge more when they sell within the US, and American citizens have to pay the difference in terms of premium prices.
  • The costs of malpractice insurance are much lower in Cancun compared to the US. The problem is that the US surgeons operate at a much higher risk of facing malpractice lawsuits, and to cover that risk, they have to purchase pricey malpractice insurance. The costs are ultimately passed on to the American patients.
  • The medical regulatory environment in Cancun and the rest of Mexico is designed to support and promote medical tourism by way of reducing the end-costs for medical tourists. In the US and Canada, on the other hand, complex relationships between the insurers, healthcare groups, hospitals, billing procedures, and brokers ultimately push up the costs of patients.
  • Cancun as a medical tourism destination competes with the global market to offer world-beating costs for weight loss surgery and other procedures. The US healthcare system faces no such global competitive challenges and has no such compelling motivation to cut costs for the patients.

All of these reasons have nothing to do with the quality of medical care. Medical tourists who choose weight loss surgery in Cancun go back completely satisfied with their results, and speak well about their experience to others.

This is the single most important factor that is driving up the demand for bariatric surgery in Cancun year after year.

Role of a Cancun Medical Tourism Facilitator

Some of the dedicated and terrific firms in the US are working hard to promote medical tourism in Cancun, Mexico. Once you choose the right facilitator for your gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery in Cancun, they will take care of everything to deliver you the best possible experience.

Experienced and poignant medical tourism facilitators will help you choose among the best weight loss surgeons in Cancun, the best hospital or clinic, connect you with a range of useful resources while you are in Mexico, and organize all your travel details from start to finish.

A judicious facilitator would have developed trusted relationships with top bariatric surgeons in Cancun, and would have real insights based on the feedback they would have received from previous patients.

This critical inside knowledge gives them the confidence to steer you toward the most recommended weight loss surgeons in Cancun and the best facilities.

Time to Restore a Healthy Body and a Rejuvenated Spirit

Bariatric surgery has become highly advanced over the decades, and it has helped millions of patients struggling with obesity and overweight rediscover their original health and self-confidence. The high cost of weight loss surgery in the US and Canada should not be deterrent for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life and restore their health and well-being.

Weight loss surgery in Cancun is one of the most effective ways for you to achieve your health goals in a safe and affordable manner. It is time you gave it a serious thought.

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