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Stomach surgery for weight loss is the surest way to eliminate obesity and restore your ideal body weight and health. Stomach reduction surgery has been around for more than half a century, and millions of women and men around the world have benefitted from it. In recent years, laparoscopic stomach surgery has emerged as the most advanced and effective technique to perform a weight loss procedure.

Leading medical organizations in every major country, including the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, endorse stomach surgery for weight loss as a safe and clinically proven procedure. Different types of stomach surgery are available today. At your pre-operative consultation, your surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of each option, and help you make the most suitable choice.

What is stomach weight loss surgery?

Stomach weight loss surgery facilitates your efforts to control your diet so that you can naturally shed off excess pounds from your body and reclaim your health and aesthetics. Your surgeon will determine your candidacy based on your body mass index (BMI) and any obesity related co-morbidities. Based on their evaluation, they will recommend the best stomach reduction surgery for you.

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Advancements in Stomach Surgery

Stomach weight loss surgeons now use cutting-edge techniques and technology to perform the procedure is less invasive ways. Some of the hospitals also offer robotic stomach surgery for high-precision outcomes. The traditional open surgery is now rarely performed, and laparoscopic stomach surgery is more popular now because it is less invasive. Some surgeons now even perform single-incision stomach reduction surgery.

Success Rates of Stomach Surgery

Procedures such as stomach bypass surgery and stomach sleeve surgery have very high success rates today. You can expect to lose up to 70% of your excess body weight in the first 12 months after your surgery. Successful disease resolution or symptom reduction also occurs in most cases after this procedure. As long as you stay committed to your post-op recommended diet and fitness, you can remain obesity-free for a lifetime.

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Types of stomach surgery

Different types of stomach surgery can be performed depending on factors such as your age, BMI, co-morbidities, and personal weight loss goals. Here are the broad classifications of stomach surgery for weight loss available today.

Types of Stomach Surgery Based on Invasiveness

  • Open Surgery: This is a traditional form of stomach reduction surgery, which may only be performed in very selective cases today. It is involves a longer incision in the abdomen to enable the surgeon to directly view the underlying structures and perform the procedure. Recovery is longer in this surgery.
  • Laparoscopic Surgery: Laparoscopic stomach surgery is a less invasive technique, which is commonly used today. It involves very small incisions in the abdomen, through which the surgeon introduces a tiny camera inside to view the stomach on a monitor and perform the high-precision surgery.

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Types of Surgery Based on Weight Loss Principle

  • Restrictive Surgery: Stomach sleeve surgery is the most commonly performed restrictive weight loss procedure. In restrictive stomach reduction surgery, the surgeon will remove a large part of the stomach volume to restrict your eating capacity. You will naturally lose weight when you eat less.
  • Malabsorptive/Restrictive: Stomach bypass surgery is a popular form of malabsorptive/restrictive stomach surgery for weight loss. In addition to stomach reduction, this procedure also involves rerouting of the small intestine to curtail calorie absorption. This allows you to achieve more rapid weight loss.

Stomach bypass surgery

Stomach bypass surgeryStomach bypass surgery is the original weight loss procedure that has been successfully performed since the mid-20th century. The procedure is now considered the gold standard among different types of stomach surgery for weight loss. If your BMI is 40 or higher along with co-morbidities, you could be a candidate for this procedure.

How is the Procedure Performed?

To perform this stomach reduction bypass surgery, your weight loss surgeon will divide the stomach into two portions, separating the upper part from the lower. They will then connect the bottom end of your small intestine directly to the upper section of the stomach to create a bypass for food.

What are the Benefits?

Stomach bypass surgery produces dramatic weight loss results in most cases because of its dual approach. The stomach reduction will curb your appetite and the intestinal rerouting will lower your calorie absorption. It is also the best stomach surgery weight loss for the resolution of obesity-related diabetes.

Stomach sleeve surgery

Stomach sleeve surgeryStomach sleeve surgery has now emerged as the number one weight loss procedure among all types of stomach surgeries. Nearly 8 in 10 weight loss procedures performed today are vertical sleeve stomach surgery. If your BMI is 40 or above, or you have a BMI higher than 35 along with co-morbidities, this could be the best stomach reduction surgery for you.

How is the Procedure Performed?

The procedure is mostly performed laparoscopically, and may even be performed as a robotic stomach surgery. During your stomach sleeve gastrectomy, the surgeon will remove about 80% of your stomach volume. This will leave you with a small banana-shaped stomach pouch, which will significantly reduce your capacity to eat.

What are the Benefits?

Stomach sleeve surgery for weight loss is less invasive, involving minimal risk, discomfort, and downtime. Many patients are able to eliminate 100% of their excess body weight in about 18 to 24 months after this surgery. The procedure is not malabsorptive, so your risk of developing nutritional deficiencies after this procedure is very low.

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Stomach band surgery

Stomach band surgeryStomach band surgery is a restrictive weight loss procedure that is minimally invasive. Over the years, the popularity of this procedure has diminished, and most stomach weight loss surgeons do not recommend it to their patients any longer. However, the procedure does offer certain advantages for some patients.

How is the Procedure Performed?

To perform a stomach gastric band surgery, your weight loss surgeon will place an inflatable band around your stomach. This will divide your stomach into upper and lower parts. A small channel will be created between the two parts, which allows slow emptying of your upper section of the stomach. This will make you feel full for a longer time after a meal.

What are the Benefits?

The biggest benefit of stomach band surgery is that it is the least invasive among all mainstream stomach surgeries for weight loss. Unlike other major stomach reduction surgeries, this procedure is completely reversible in the future. However, the limitation is that many patients report inadequate weight loss or weight regain at some point after this surgery.

Stomach surgery cost

Stomach surgery cost will range from $4,000 to $6,500 in Mexico, depending on the type of stomach reduction surgery you have chosen. In the US or Canada, the cost of stomach surgery to lose weight can be as high as $20,000 to $25,000. During your initial consultation, you should freely ask your surgeon about how much is stomach surgery and discuss your best options.

Your stomach surgery cost in Mexico will usually include the following cost elements:

  • Fee charged by the stomach weight loss surgeon
  • Fee charged by the anesthesiologist
  • Fee of other attending physicians and staff
  • Surgery room costs
  • Overnight stay at the hospital, if necessary
  • Pre- and post-operative diagnostics and blood work
  • Prescription medications for one week
  • Consultation fee of the nutritionist
  • Ground transport costs to and from the airport

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Foods to eat after stomach surgery for weight loss

Diet after stomach surgery is one of the most defining factors that will determine the long term success and sustainability of your weight loss. Foods to eat after stomach surgery for weight loss are scientifically planned for different stages to help you gradually return to a healthy diet.

Liquid Diet after Stomach Surgery

Immediately after your stomach reduction surgery, you will be on a clear liquid diet for a few days. Thereafter, you can move on to thicker liquids, such as:

  • Protein shakes
  • Unsweetened fruit juices
  • Chicken or vegetable broth
  • Decaffeinated coffee or tea
  • Skimmed milk
  • Popsicles or gelatin (sugar-free)

Pureed Foods to Eat after Stomach Surgery

Within a week or two, your stomach bypass surgery diet will include strained and mashed up (pureed) foods. These may include:

  • Fish, poultry, and chicken
  • Soft scrambled egg
  • Cottage cheese
  • Cooked veggies and soft fruit
  • Cooked cereals
  • Strained cream soup

Soft Foods to Eat after Stomach Surgery

A few weeks after the surgery, you can move on to soft foods as part of your stomach sleeve surgery diet. The foods at this stage may include:

  • Lean ground meats
  • Flaked fish and poultry
  • Dried or cooked cereals
  • Cooked, peeled-off vegetables
  • Fresh or canned fruit without skin or seeds
  • Small quantity of boiled rice

Solid Diet after Stomach Surgery

At about two months following your stomach surgery for weight loss, you will gradually return to eating solid foods. Focus on foods, such as:

  • Fish, poultry, seafood
  • Lean meats
  • Tofu and soy milk
  • Yogurt, cottage cheese, other dairy products
  • Cooked, non-fibrous vegetables
  • Fresh and canned fruits

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How long to recover from stomach surgery

Recovery time can vary depending on the type of stomach surgery you underwent and other factors, such as your age, health, BMI, and natural healing ability. During your initial consultation, you should discuss with your surgeon how long to recovery from stomach surgery for weight loss. The surgeon will also provide you post-op recovery instructions to help ensure safe and fast healing.

Stomach sleeve surgery recovery may take about one week, while the recovery time for stomach bypass surgery may be about 10 days. You can resume your normal activities or return to your workplace at this stage. However, you must continue to avoid vigorous activities and exercises for at least six to eight weeks. Recovery after stomach band surgery may be only four to five days.

Sex after stomach surgery

Sex after stomach surgery is likely to be a much more satisfying experience for most people. You can expect to enjoy a more active and confident sex life as you progressively lose weight and obtain relief from your underlying medical problems. Many patients report a more intense and connected relationship with their sexual partner as they gain freedom from obesity.

Your sex drive (libido) is likely to increase after stomach sleeve surgery. Your partner may also find you more physically attractive as you lose excess pounds and achieve a more winsome personality. Women who are planning to get pregnant after their stomach bypass surgery may also expect an improved fertility. In all, sex after stomach surgery is one of the less discussed but highly valuable benefits of this procedure.

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Stomach surgery complications

Stomach surgery complications will be minimal as long as you work with a qualified and experienced weight loss surgeon and follow their post-op diet guidelines. Minor stomach surgery for weight loss side effects will occur for a few days, but will resolve on their own. Here are some of the potential stomach reduction surgery complications you should watch out for.

  • Anastomotic Leakage: This complication may occur in about one percent of the patients after a stomach sleeve surgery or stomach bypass surgery. Symptoms include persistent abdominal pain, fever, leukocytosis, and tachycardia.
  • Internal Hernia: In this case, the bowel may protrude because of the surgically created space in the stomach. Symptoms include vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, and non-specific digestive issues. The condition can be corrected with laparoscopic surgery.
  • Stomach Ulcers: This is one of the more common stomach surgery complications. You can minimize the risk of ulcerations by following your prescribed diet. Avoid using NSAIDs after your stomach sleeve surgery or stomach bypass surgery to minimize the risk.
  • Dumping Syndrome: Following your stomach band surgery or another procedure, you may develop dumping syndrome if you eat hard foods or do not chew your food well. This is one of the avoidable stomach surgeries for weight loss side effects in most cases.

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Stomach weight loss surgery Mexico

Thousands of women and men in the US and Canada are seeking stomach weight loss surgery Mexico every year. Mexico now provides a world-class medical infrastructure for stomach reduction surgery. Medical tourists from the US and Canada are treated on priority at some of the best hospitals and stomach surgery clinics in Mexico.

State of the Art Surgical Facilities

Full-service hospitals and advanced clinics in Mexico are well-equipped to provide the highest standards of care for procedures such as stomach bypass surgery and stomach sleeve surgery. The operating rooms at these facilities are state of the art. Much of the surgical equipment is imported from the United States and is comparable with the best in the world.

Highly Qualified Weight Loss Surgeons

Stomach weight loss surgeons in Mexico are highly qualified and experienced in performing all types of stomach surgery. Most of the surgeons will converse in English and will provide personalized care and attention to you at every step from the consultation to your surgery and recovery. They usually have an excellent track record of success for Tijuana Mexico stomach surgery.

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Best stomach surgery weight loss

The best stomach surgery for weight loss will depend on your unique factors, such as your BMI, medical condition, body type, and your personal preferences. A dedicated surgeon will never follow a one-size-fits-all approach to these procedures.

They will evaluate your specific parameters and recommend the best stomach reduction surgery for you.

  • Stomach Sleeve Surgery: Nearly 80% of all patients now undergo stomach sleeve surgery. This is considered the best stomach surgery weight loss because it is less invasive and delivers highly successful results.
  • Stomach Bypass Surgery: If you have a BMI in excess of 40 and also suffer from obesity-related type 2 diabetes, you may be an ideal candidate for stomach bypass surgery. It has a high success rate for diabetes resolution.
  • Duodenal Switch Surgery: If you suffer from severe or super obesity (BMI higher than 50), the best stomach surgery for weight loss in your case may be a complex and invasive duodenal switch procedure.
  • Stomach Band Surgery: In exceptional cases, your surgeon may recommend stomach band surgery for you. If you are unfit or unwilling to have a more invasive surgery, this could be a workable option for you.

Before and after stomach surgery

Before and after stomach surgery

At the time of your initial consultation, make sure to review as many before and after stomach surgery for weight loss photos as you can. This will help you form realistic expectations about the procedure. It will also indicate the successful performance of your weight loss surgeon with past patients.

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