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Gastric Sleeve Houston

Just a decade ago, Houston, TX had the unenviable distinction of being named “America’s fattest city.” However, thanks to the growing acceptance of gastric sleeve in Houston and other surgical procedures to eliminate obesity, the city has made significant progress on this front. If you are struggling with obesity in the Space City, it may be time to check gastric sleeve Houston cost and evaluate your best treatment options.

Weight loss surgery Houston

Research shows that over a 5-year period between 2013 and 2017, more than 105,000 bariatric treatments were performed across Texas, including a large number of weight loss surgery Houston procedures. Notably, over 73,500 of these cases (representing 70% of all bariatric surgeries performed in this period) were gastric sleeve procedures. The study indicated that there is an increasing trend of gastric sleeve in Houston being performed as an outpatient surgery.

Best bariatric surgeons in Houston

For your bariatric surgery in Houston, you will have access to some of the leading surgeons that have vast experience and a demonstrable track record of performance in procedures such as gastric sleeve. However, it is important to understand that the best bariatric surgeons in Houston are often in high demand, and may charge a relatively higher fee. It is best to check all your options for reliable yet cost-effective surgery so that you do not overshoot your budget or get into a debt trap.

Gastric sleeve surgery in Houston

A large number of patients want to choose gastric sleeve for their weight loss surgery in Houston because this procedure is less invasive and delivers excellent outcomes. Gastric sleeve doctors in Houston will perform this procedure at a licensed medical facility using general anesthesia. The procedure involves only stomach reduction and no changes to the intestines. You can expect to lose up to 70% of your excess weight in the first year itself with this safe and proven bariatric surgery Houston.

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Gastric sleeve Houston cost

Gastric sleeve cost in Houston at some of the prominent hospitals in the city may go up to $18,000 on average. It’s critical to be upfront with the bariatric surgeons in Houston about the cost issue and clearly check which costs are included or not included in the offered package. Feel free to obtain gastric sleeve prices in Houston from different sources and carry out an independent cost comparison rather than saying ‘yes’ to the first offer.

Insurance coverage for gastric sleeve Houston

If you are on a budget, it might make sense to undergo weight loss surgery in Houston only if you qualify for insurance coverage. Check with your employer if their health insurance plan includes a rider for gastric sleeve coverage. If you have an individual policy, call your insurance provider to know the eligibility requirements. Gastric sleeve doctors in Houston would be able to help you with the insurance documentation, if they approve your candidacy.

Factors affecting gastric sleeve Houston cost

You should be aware that the gastric sleeve in Houston cost can vary from one hospital to another. Sometimes even at the same hospital, two patients may be charged differently for the same procedure. Your actual bariatric surgery Houston cost will depend on the standards of care and services offered by the hospital, the experience of your bariatric surgeon, and whether your case is complicated and may require post-operative stay at the hospital.

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Gastric sleeve prices Houston vs. Mexico

Before you make a final decision, it is prudent to make an objective cost-benefit analysis regarding gastric sleeve prices Houston vs. Mexico. In general, you can expect to save up to 60-70% on your surgery costs if you choose to have it in Mexico instead of Houston. On average, the cost of gastric sleeve in Mexico may be only up to $5,000 for an equivalent quality of surgery.

Here are a few reasons for this wide gap in prices.

  • Surgeon’s fee: Bariatric surgeons in Houston may charge an exorbitant fee, while a bariatric surgeon in Mexico with similar level of qualifications and experience may charge only a small fraction of it. Mexico surgeons don’t have to pay medical malpractice insurance, which lowers their cost.
  • Hospital charges: Gastric sleeve prices in Houston are high because operating room costs, anesthesia costs, nursing staff costs, and overnight stay expenses are high. In comparison, Mexico hospitals have a much lower overhead because of the low staff salaries and low real estate costs.
  • Cost inclusions: Bariatric surgery Houston cost is higher also because you may have to pay separately for several pre- and post-op services. On the other hand, in Mexico, a dedicated medical provider will offer an all-inclusive package with no hidden charges and no costly surprises in the bill.

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Cash pay gastric sleeve Houston

Gastric sleeve cash price Houston is usually cheaper than the rates quoted for insured patients. However, for a large number of women and men, it is still an unaffordable proposition because the quoted price is beyond their budget.

Here are a few tips that should help you obtain a more competitive cash pay gastric sleeve Houston offer.

  • Do not settle for the very first offer you receive from a hospital or bariatric surgeon in Houston when you are going for the self pay option.
  • Be prepared to negotiate your weight loss surgery Houston costs with the hospital based on your medical necessity and your income level.
  • Discuss with your hospital if they have a policy to offer a discount if you undergo a non-invasive weight loss program prior to surgery.
  • Those who charge a high fee are not necessarily the best bariatric surgeons in Houston. Fee is not a determinant of a surgeon’s skills.
  • Request your hospital or bariatric center to offer you more flexible payment terms for your cash pay gastric sleeve Houston surgery.
  • Compare your gastric sleeve cash price Houston with quotes from a medical tourism provider, if you are willing to travel for surgery.

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Gastric sleeve Houston payment plan

A practical solution to having your weight loss surgery in Houston is to choose a competitive self-pay financing option. A respectable gastric sleeve Houston payment plan can make the procedure affordable for you without disrupting your monthly household budget.

Talk to your medical provider if they have an in-house financing plan or a tie-up with a financing company.

Benefits of third party medical care financing

  • Low interest for your VSG Houston payment plan.
  • Quick approval for a medical loan under $30,000.
  • Repayment in monthly installments of up to 60 months or more.
  • No prepayment penalty and no requirement for collateral.
  • Minimum documentation required and 100% confidentiality.

Other options for gastric sleeve Houston payment plan

  • Talk to friends and family who may want to support your surgery.
  • Obtain a secured or unsecured loan from a bank at low cost.
  • Make extended payments through your credit card.
  • Dip into your emergency funds to pay for a life-saving surgery.
  • Use the equity on your home to obtain a competitive loan.

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Best bariatric surgeons Houston

Weight loss surgery in Houston is a major procedure, which should only be performed by a high qualified and competent surgeon. To find out the best bariatric surgeons in Houston, check their qualifications, certifications, number of years of surgical training, and post-qualification experience in the field. Gastric sleeve Houston is a life-transforming procedure with safe and predictable results, as long as you have chosen a formidable and trusted bariatric surgeon Houston.  

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